At Red Marketing we help brands to be heard above the noise and connect with their audience. We do this through creative digtal campaigns, technology, a solid strategy and innovation. We help businesses to grow using Creativity and unique campaigns that are essential to successful content. We’ll make sure that quality digital design helps you stand out and is consistent across platforms.

When it comes to finding potential new suppliers,  research suggests that probably 60-90% of people ‘self-direct’. That is to say they seek out information about prospective companies online who can supply their needs way before they actually make contact with them.

[ap_column span="2"]Website Management

We work with clients to improve website visibility in search results; to update visual design and review content for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), style, and accuracy of information.  We can write your content and report back to you on each campaign's performance [/ap_column]
[ap_column span="2"]Social Media

As part of our holistic approach to each client’s marketing requirements, we use digital market knowledge and audience insight to define the most effective mix of social media platforms for your business, and work with you to create a bespoke social media strategy [/ap_column]
[ap_column span="2"]Newsletters

We build creative digital templates and write e-shots for regular and ad hoc email marketing campaigns for our clients.  We also assist with list management, implementing ‘unsubscribe’ processes, checking expiry dates of lists, and segmenting data for improved targeting [/ap_column]

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Content needs to be compelling and driven by a deep understanding of what really matters to your audiences and getting it right will increase engagement, brand awareness and SEO.

Red Marketing offers the strategic tools of Branding, Website and Consultancy that span your entire marketing effort. It is vital to get these right, as their power will transmit through all aspects of your business. Consistency and clarity are key. At Pod, we get the core of what you do and then use our innovative design to represent this in a powerful way.

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